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Beginning this February, we will be hosting monthly hands-on mechanic classes. Want to know how to work on your own bike? These classes are designed for you! Preregistration is required. Class sizes will be small so get on it!  

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     Pre-registration is required for these classes. Participants must bring their own personal bike to be worked on. Upon registration, you will be asked about specific components that correspond with the class you're signing up for. In rare cases, ou may be asked to bring your bike by the shop or send photos before the start of the class. This is to ensure we have the right parts on hand for the class.


     Signed liability waivers will be required at the beginning of the class.


     Cost is $75 per class with the exception of the "Basic Suspension Service - Fork" which is $100. Registration fees cover the cost of the parts needed for the class.

Class Size:

     Classes will be kept small (4-6 students) to allow the most efficient use of time and tools.


     Bring a snack. Refreshments will be provided.

Bike Suspension Designs pack a lot of technology into a very small package. Suspension often accounts for the most expensive components on the bike. All fork and shock manufacturers have regularly scheduled service intervals designed to keep your suspension plush while also preventing more expensive repairs. Starting in as little as 50hrs of ride time, your fork oil, seals and wipers should be replaced.

This hands-on class will focus on the replacement of suspension oil, dust wipers and oil seals of your very own personal bike.

Registration opens Jan. 24th and closes Feb. 17th

Special Registration Notes: Only Fox, Rockshox, MRP, and DVO forks will be accepted Make, model and year of fork will be needed to ensure we have the correct parts on hand. A qualified mechanic can help you through the process over the phone or you can visit the shop to verify fork compliance.

At time of registration you will be asked:

Name, Phone and Email

Bike Year, Make and Model

What Suspension Fork do you have - If Fox look for a 4 digit code on the back of the fork leg. If Rockshox there is a serial number often on the crown below/behind the headset.


We think being able to stop is pretty important. Whether or not you're screaming down the road or the trail, your brake system goes through a lot of abuse. Over time, contamination and air can make it's way into your hydraulic fluid degrading or elimination it's ability to stop your bike. As a general rule of thumb, bleeding your hydraulic brake system should be performed annually, provided you are not experiencing any current braking issues.

This hands-on class will focus on the bleed process for your road or mountain hydraulic brake system.

Registration opens Feb 7th and closes March 3rd

Special Registration Notes:

Only SRAM/Avid or Shimano hydraulic brake systems will be covered in this class. Road or Mountain brakes will be accepted.

At time of registration you will be asked:

Name, Phone and Email

Bike Year, Make and Model

What Brake Make and Model (Shimano GRX, SRAM G2, etc.)

Shifting gone to crap? Chain skipping gears? Something in you shifting system isn't working properly. Your ability to shift properly has many elements at play. This class focuses on step-by-step instruction for setting up a properly shifting bike.

This hand-on class sill focus on proper wheel positioning and derailleur hanger alignment, cable and housing replacement and proper shift indexing to ensure a crisp and smooth shifting bike. THIS CLASS WILL ONLY FOCUS ON REAR CABLE/HOUSING AND DERAILLEUR ADJUSTMENTS. Interested parties that have front derailleurs can still gain a TON of insight with this class.

Registration opens March 9th and closes March 31st

Special Registration Notes:

Registered participants must bring bike into the shop for a free evaluation prior to the class date to ensure that drivetrain components do not need to be replaced (i.e. derailleur, shifter, etc.)

At time of registration you will be asked:

Name, Phone and Email

Bike Year, Make and Model

Shifter and Derailleur Model and how many speeds


Tubeless tires have become the most widely used tires in the mountain bike scene with road tires coming on at a fast pace. Tubeless is no longer the "Dark Art" that most perceive it to be. The technology is here.... learn it and USE IT.

This hands-on class will focus on proper tubeless taping, tubeless valve installation and proper inflation techniques. Class will end with installation of tubeless sealant along with verification that all leaks have been sealed.

Registration opens April 6th and closes May 5th

Special Registration Notes:

Participants must supply their own tubeless ready tires and wheels. Registration fees will cover tubeless tape, valves and sealant (discounts will be given if you have your own). Participants may need to bring their wheels to the shop prior to class to verify correct tubeless valve requirements. 

At time of registration you will be asked:

Name, Phone and Email

Wheel Make and Model (are they previously taped)

Tire Make and Model

Do you currently have tubeless valves.

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