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Intro to Bike Maintenance - 6/11

While basic bike maintenance may be a daunting task for some, a well running bicycle will keep you focused on the number one rule in biking.... FUN!      This summer, our bike mechanic staff will be offering basic bike maintenance classes to the public to increase bike maintenance awareness and increase your confidence in identifying, completing and preventing issues before they become a problem.

SKILL - Educate yourself on how to take care of your bike.

CONFIDENCE - Have faith that what you're about to try is going to work

AWARENESS - Know how and what to look and hear for before things go south

COMMUNITY - Find like minded members in the community to ride with

How to fix a Flat Tire - 6/25 + 8/6

Getting a flat tire is an inevitable part of cycling, no matter what type of riding you do. Fixing a flat bike tire is simple with basic tools, a little knowledge and plenty of practice. The more you do it, the more routine it will become.  Our clinic will focus on the following areas:

Wheel removal, Tube removal, Flat tube inspection,

Patch/Replacement of tube, Re-Installation of tube,

Tips and tricks, and Q&A

Tubeless Setup Tips/Patch/Repair - 7/9

Tubeless tires have become the most widely used tires in the mountain bike scene with road tires coming on at a fast pace.  Tubeless is no longer the “Dark Art” that most perceive it to be. 

The technology is here…USE IT.  

The first half of the clinic will focus on:

inflation and injection of tubeless sealant into a wheelset

Why you need tubeless ready wheels and tires

Tips and tricks for taping wheels     

The second half of the clinic will focus on:

patching and repairing tubeless tires

Tubeless repair kit essentials

How to replace valve core

How to use a tire plug

Sidewall repair talk

Bike Wash and Chain Maint. - 7/23

Your bike is a collection of moving parts. When exposed to mud, grime and debris, these parts begin to deteriorate. A regular schedule of maintenance (monthly, weekly or more often depending on your type of riding) is important. 


The first half of this clinic will focus on properly washing your bike:

Basic Bike Cleaning Supplies

Powerwasher or Hose

Degreasing Drivetrain

Cleaning Frame

Lubricating chain and moving parts


The second half of this clinic will focus on chain maintenance and repair:

Chain anatomy

Measuring chain wear

Chain lubricants

On the bike cleaning and lubrication

Off the bike cleaning and lubrication

Breaking a chain/repairing a chain

Basic Suspension Setup - 8/20

Basic Suspension Setup-  The grand finale to the clinic season ends with food and bikes at Electric Hills main parking area.  On August 20th, from 10-12pm, staff will be on site to assist in suspension setup and tuning.  Take a class at the top of the hour, take your bike for a spin and we’ll make adjustments as necessary.  Finish off your ride with food, drinks and music all provided by Montrose Surf and Cycle!